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Terms and Conditions

Production Policy:

WC Lathe Werks LLC is run by one person, me. I work hard to produce every item by hand on my machines. I use a manual lathe to make shift knobs, which allows for the extreme amounts of customization seen in my option lists for certain parts. This also means that I rarely inventory any items because there are just so many options.

Wait time can range from 1-10 days until shipping on most products. This is the time needed to produce the part since there is ALWAYS a waiting line of parts on order. In some cases, specific options may take more time to produce such as Custom Engravings because of the graphic work required.

EXPEDITED NEEDS: If you need a part quickly, there is the ability to "Expedite" and order. This means, for a small fee I will make your item the next time I turn on the machine rather than putting it on line like the normal orders. You can expect an Expedited order to ship between 1-3 days after sending payment. The Expedited option is at the bottom of each item page. There is also an option for faster shipping.


Order Cancellation:

Any order can be cancelled at no charge only BEFORE I begin making it.

After the product is already made, any stanard order (item with NO options) can be cancelled prior to shipping, subject to a fee of $30 USD.

If the product has options on it, it greatly decreases my ability to re-sell it and will make the item likely not able to be returned or refunded. (This is a standard procedure with items that are hand-made and custoimzed in many industries across the world.)


All products are tested for fitment BEFORE being shipped. All shift knobs are guaranteed to properly thread onto the shifter of the car they are designed to fit.

If the knob does not cleanly screw on, DO NOT FORCE IT. Some customers have damaged threads on their shift lever which would need to be repaired before putting a new knob on. Metal threads will not conform to the damage, which is why a plastic stock knob will work but a new one may not.

If complications arise with installation, Email me to fix the issue. Normal wear is known to occur on all objects in the world, shift knobs included. Knobs are NOT warranteed against scratches, nicks, or any other damage incurred by mis-use or accidental occurrances. I recommend not wearing a ring on the hand used for shifting as it may wear or scratch the knob surface.

I offer a refinishing service for certain products. Over time, wear on the knob may become unsightly, so if you want me to polish or re-cut the outer surfaces of the knob, it is possible for a small fee (usually between $10-30 plus return shipping costs). Email me to discuss this.

If you feel that your product does not meet the specifications, send me an email. I make sure that all items match the description you chose before it ships. If I happen to forget something, or make a feature incorrect, send me an email. I will work to fix the issues if I did infact make a mistake.

If there is an issue that is a personal preference or opinion of the customer, but the item does fully match it's purchase description, I may be able to change it, but it will not be free. If the item matches what you ordered, but you want it changed a little, there will be a fee applied to cover the additional labor required.


Returns Policy:

If your order is a standard product (an item purchased with no options), there is a chance I will be able to accept it back. There will be a mandatory fee of $30 to return any standard item, and it must fit within the time limit described below. 

If your order is customized in any way, it increases the rarity and makes it more difficult to re-sell. There is a small chance I may be able to buy-back an item with a very popular option on it and apply the $30 fee as if it were standard.

If your order is customized in a way that makes it one-of-a-kind, it is NOT returnable. Many times I create parts for a customer that has never been done before. This means I may never sell another like it, so I won't be able to take it back. If you get a customized engraving, the order is 100% NOT returnable.

The item must be post-marked from the buyer within 7 days of receiving the item to be considered in "new" condition. After 7 days of use, items are most likely not returnable and are considered "used" condition.

ALL items must be received by WC Lathe Werks and inspected before refunds are issued. Any re-finishing or re-machining required to make the knob brand new will be deducted from the refundable amount. Refunds are issued through paypal. Refunded amount WILL NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS. Since shipping costs are included in all knob prices, and are therefore not refundable.

The classified sections of automotive forums are good places to try selling used parts, so you may be able to get a better deal selling the knob that way.


Release from Liability:

Through the use of this website and the purchase of any products on this website, the CUSTOMER (for himself, his personal representatives, heirs, assigns and next of kin) hereby releases, waives and discharges NOT TO SUE WC Lathe Werks or it's owner Christopher Mattesich (Herein referred to as "the releasees"). The CUSTOMER agrees to release the releasees from all liability to the customer, his personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death of the customer arising out of or related to the use of this product, through negligence or otherwise.

Product misuse will void all warranties, expressed or implied.



If you have any questions about these terms, send me an email before placing your order. I'll be happy to clarify anything.

~Chris M